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Established in 1992, privately owned and not associated with any bank, insurance company or investment fund manager.



Fees and commissions

Good advice need not be expensive. Indeed, many investors have found the cost of investing through APT Strategy is less than the cost of doing it all themselves.

APT Strategy offers a fixed fee based on our estimate of the time required to give advice, the complexity of the advice, and the amount of money involved. The fee we charge will be determined prior to commencement of any service. You should also be aware that:

  • We offer a rebate 100% of the initial commission to you.
  • Trail commission is not rebated.
  • We do not receive any other benefits from fund managers.
  • Investment advice - Initial consultation is free. The fee for the Statement of Advice will be determined, discussed, and agreed prior to commencing the Statement of Advice.
  • Ongoing service - The fee for ongoing advice will be determined, discussed, and agreed prior to providing advice.
  • Wealth coaching - Fixed fee per session without any ongoing obligation.)
  • 2nd opinions - For those who feel unsure or uneasy about an investment or about the advice given by another financial planner we can provide a second opinion.

Preliminary discussions - Free
We offer prospective clients considerable time in preliminary discussion to enable both parties to assess the other before any commitments are made. There is no charge for such discussions.

What commissions are received by APT Strategy?
APT Strategy is entitled to receive commissions in respect of placing investment for clients and these commissions are typically between zero and 5%. However, we generally rebate these commissions in full to our clients which has the effect of reducing to zero the entry fee paid by clients in respect of most investments. This not only reduces the cost to clients, but eliminates a major conflict of interest.

Many fund managers also pay a trail commission. These commissions are typically around half of one percent per year and the differences between them are sufficiently small they do not create a significant conflict of interest. We retain these commissions.