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Established in 1992, privately owned and not associated with any bank, insurance company or investment fund manager.



Investment philosophy

PART 1 - The nature of investing
PART 2 - Setting an objective
PART 3 - Determining a strategy
PART 4 - Criteria for selecting investments

  • APT Strategy accepts that it cannot reliably predict the future and that there is a degree of risk in all investments.
  • We aim to help clients understand these risks and manage these risks.
  • Our investment strategies are designed to protect clients against risk of financial catastrophe and to meet their cash flow requirements after allowing for other factors such as taxation and social security.
  • The individual investments we recommend are carefully selected on the basis of our research and combined to create portfolios that are well diversified and flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Clients can feel comfortable that everything that can be done to protect their interest will be done.

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