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Established in 1992, privately owned and not associated with any bank, insurance company or investment fund manager.




We provide the following services.
  • Investment advice - For people who have cash to invest, or an existing investment portfolio we offer you a written Statement of Advice which will document not only our advice, but the basis for our advice. We will do this after reviewing your circumstances and discussing any concerns and objectives you may have.
  • Ongoing assistance - For people who want ongoing assistance with their invesments and in dealing with invesment managers, Centrelink, etc.
  • Wealth coaching - For people who may not have much money now, but would like to accumulate wealth we offer a one-on-one mentoring service.
  • 2nd opinions - For people who feel unsure or uneasy about an investment or about the advice given by another financial planner we can provide a second opinion.
APT Strategy is licensed to give advice in regard to a wide range of investments (e.g. unit trusts, superannuation, rollovers, allocated pensions, shares). Further details of our services are contained in our Financial Services Guide.

Relationships with Clients
We understand that not all clients want or need the same relationship with a financial planner and our fees are commensurate with the relationship required by the client and the nature of the service we provide.

Peace of mind
We believe peace of mind is achieved through understanding and we make every effort to help clients to have a clear understanding of our advice. We do this by spending time to explain things in terms clients can understand. We also encourage clients to contact us if there is ever anything they wish to ask or are concerned about.