APT Strategy

APT Strategy Pty Ltd holds an Australian Financial Services Licence:

  • which has been issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission; and
  • which authorises APT Strategy to carry on a financial services business independently of any other company.

Holding this licence means that APT Strategy is free to recommend the investment products of any company. This is in stark contrast to many financial planners that are merely “authorised representatives” and who are trained, supervised, and told what they can recommend by their “Licensee” which in many cases are owned or controlled by a financial product manufacturer.

Furthermore, APT Strategy has never been owned or controlled by any bank, insurance company, or investment manager – it was established by Paul Gerrard in 1992 and it remains 100% owned and operated by Paul and his family.

Thus, you can be confident that:

  • APT Strategy does not act as a product distribution channel; and
  • any advice you receive from APT Strategy will not tainted by the influence of any other company.

APT Strategy – no longer accepting new financial planning clients

APT Strategy Pty Ltd, 11 Layton St, Fulham SA 5024 - ABN 81 058 368 362 - AFS Licence 226898